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Seasonal To Do - Summer

  • Stay on top of weeds. Be sure to pull the root up completely or it will come right back. If you are unable to get the entire root, try "painting" on weed killer. Mix up a small cup of weed killer and using a cheap paint brush, simply brush the solution on the weed. Do NOT get any on your plants or they will die. Do not pull the weed either as the weed solution is absorbed by the weed's foliage and taken to the root. Pulling the weed will keep this process from happening.
  • To help keep new weed seeds from germinating in your perennial gardens, apply pre-emergent granules.
  • Dead heading your plants is important. It not only improves the look, but will encourage new blooms and growth on reblooming plants. Any damaged or dead areas should be cut back to promote healthy new growth.
  • Due to the storms and high winds this season, be sure to check your trees and shrubs for loose or torn branches. Prune back damaged areas and watch out for limbs hanging periously up in the trees. Be sure to remove or have them removed, before they fall on an unsuspecting victim.
  • Seasonal To Do - Late Winter

  • Clean up any tools that were neglected last fall.
  • Inventory your gardening tools and supplies now and get your shopping done if needed so that you have everything at your fingertips when your plants start to pop! Here are some ideas-Garden Tools: Shovel, Garden Rake, Pitchfork, Heavy-Duty Scissors, Hedge Pruners, and Garden Trowel. Other: Gloves, Knee Pad, Pre-emergent Granules, Herbicide, and Joy Juice for plants.
  • Take this time to be creative if you want to rearrange your perennials. Sketch out or list your ideas so you are ready to go. Make a wish list for plants and garden ornaments.
  • Donít get overeager to prune back! Even if there is a warm day, hang in there. You donít want to expose green growth on roses and shrubs only to get burnt by cold weather. A good rule of thumb is when you see the Forsythia bloom itís okay to prune (Forsythia is that common bush that blooms yellow flowers in the early spring).
  • Question and Answers

    Q: When and why should I mulch?
    A: Mulch now! Clean beds of leaves and weeds and apply mulch to help prevent additional unwanted weeds from growing. Mulching helps to keep root systems cool and protected from summer heat while cutting down on your watering time as it will absorb and hold water. Not to mention, it gives your landscape a tidy, finished look.

    Q: What does a Starter Solution do and what do you recommend?
    A:Whenever you move a plant from a pot or from one spot to another in your yard, the roots are disturbed and a good starter solution is ideal for helping your plants through the shock of transplanting by promoting root development. We use, and highly recommend, Montyís Joy Juice which can be used as a starter solution, as well as, an all-purpose plant food. Montyís is extremely safe for your plants too as it will not burn roots and leaves as some harsher foods and stimulants can!

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